Growing a beard for the first time

Usually, my posts are filled with exercise and food-related subjects, but today I thought I would go a little personal and for something a little fun.

For as long as I can remember I have rarely let my facial hair grow past 2 weeks and that was out of pure laziness. So when I came to the day to bring the razor to my face and shave, I decided to just tidy it and shave around my neck etc. I thought, that I didn’t look too bad and thought I would keep it for a little while.

I knew that this would please Victoria as she is quite fond of me having a beard and has been disappointed when I shaved it off, same with my hair actually! So for a little silly gift, I thought I would keep it for her and for a few other reasons too. Another reason was that I wanted to keep the beard until after I had finally bought my family home, so when the deeds are in my name and everything is signed, then I could remove it from my face as if to start a new. Plus finally, I just wanted to see what I look like with a beard as I never thought I would suit it.

Stubble times!


After the initial weeks of it just looking a bit untidy, despite various attempts of me trying to keep it presentable. I was getting compliments from work colleagues and Victoria saying that I suited the beard. I wasn’t convinced about it as it just felt itchy and plain annoying. It looked prickly and annoying in all honesty. But I kept with it and took the compliments well, specifically from Victoria.

Itchy, Itchy, oh so itchy

The common thing with all first time and probably all beard growths happened. The itchiness got to me badly and I kept trying to ignore it and wash it to stop it. But then forgetful and uneducated as I was in the world of beards. I didn’t know too much about a beard wash, so Victoria decided to buy me some from lush. It smelt nice enough, but it took ages to wash out and I will admit the beard felt softer. As Victoria put it (so bushy!).

Cheering Victoria up with a cake as I have no beard


So the first thing I noticed when the beard began to grow was that there was less density in my cheeks and a little patch under my chin, which as always annoyed me! If anyone knows about that, then please let me know. The other aspect that was quite… thin was just on my chin (note that I have a dimple so it sticks out a little!


Other than the beard becoming itchy, I got a little annoyed with beard and moustache growth around my lips. For some reason, I really hate it when it goes around there, so very careful trimming was required. I made sure to be careful as I would be disappointed with ruining the beard and more importantly Victoria would be annoyed! Victoria has been able to keep me in check when I need to shave and trim my neck when it becomes a bit scraggly.

I aim to keep the beard until at least the 1st of December, as that should be the shave day. Unless a miracle happens! I will provide a little update as November goes on, but it has been interesting thus far!

That bloody chin part is not thick!

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagram and  Facebook also to receive updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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