The positives of working in the same company as your partner

Hello once again! This is a bit of a random post, but I wanted to chat about it as it is all positive! So early in December Victoria got the opportunity to work in the same company I work for (a University) doing the type of work she was doing previously (video production). It was a great opportunity that she simply could not turn down and she happily accepted it. But then this made me think about whether we would be possibly seeing each other too much and then I rubbished those thoughts and here’s why.

Talking about our days

When I was participating in the step challenge with Victoria’s brother towards the end of the month, Victoria would join me and we would go on walks together and talk about our days. November came around and then December and I forgot how much I enjoyed those walks as we would let the other person in on everything about the day. Whereas at home we sit and chill and then talk about the day and it seems a bit blah in comparison. Now with Victoria joining me on my walks to and from work, we can have those chats on the way home and then we can plan out our evenings a little better which is actually quite cool.

Getting a better workout schedule sorted

One thing that really disrupted us and our workouts was that I would get home and we would not be too keen on going back out again for a run or the gym. Even attempts at Victoria meeting me at the gym would not pan out for one reason or another. But as we will be walking past the gym, then we really have no excuses as long as we have brought our gym stuff with us. The same for running home actually. If our stuff is with us when we go to work, then why not go for a little run home. We needed something to give us a better structure and I feel that this is one of those things. Knowing at the beginning of the day when our workouts will be is good.

I know down the line Victoria wants to implement early morning workouts in, but for now, I think getting the routine of going to the gym should take precedent.

She has most of the same holidays I do

Going to New York and Toronto last year was a great experience. So great that we are planning to go again to New York in December for New Years (if prices are right) and Toronto in the summer of 2021. But although I had lots of holidays leftover as well as Easter, July holidays and Christmas. It effectively wiped all of Victoria’s holidays for the year… In March! Victoria had to use 3 of her 19 days holidays over the Christmas period.

That sucks and I hated that fact, so we were planning to navigate around it for 2020. Luckily we don’t have to now and that having lots of opportunities to go on more holidays or just take random days off together is quite nice!

I won’t be tempted to get unhealthy snacks

On my walks into work I would be tempted to pick up a bun or chocolate or something rather unhealthy as you know, silly overweight guy is in a terrible cycle (until recently) and on the way home I would pop to the supermarket and get something for our dinner and then maybe get a little treat for myself and Victoria. An endless cycle that I really was only able to break in December. In January when I walk in to and from work with Victoria we won’t be doing that as I am trying to be healthier and then she will know what I buy, haha. But seriously, I think it would help me keep my nutrition straight and I will pop back in again at the end of January to let you know how it goes!

Getting all those steps together

Other than the chats all the time about our day I did really miss just walking with Victoria, so getting those walks in twice a day is cool for me. Knowing our fitness is overall improving just from 6 or so miles of walking a day is great and it will make me want to walk more, even during the darker days.

Better structure to our day

As I mentioned about the gym, our structure was all over the place, but so was getting up in the morning. Victoria had to leave at a specific time to drive in and I would slowly walk in a little later than I should and then maybe I would have to get the bus. But Victoria hates being late etc, so no chance of me doing that now. Which again is brilliant for me! Then we will give ourselves time to get into work and get ready for the day and then with us walking home we can go straight to the gym and then when we are home, we are effectively done for the day.

If we want to run then we can run together and get runs in more than what we have been doing. So the fact that we are getting them done right after work and even if we wanted to go out for dinner, we could go into town and go straight there, the same with the cinema. We have options that do not involve us getting home, waiting for the other, then getting ready. Our entire day and hopefully even bedtime schedule will improve as we will want to get that sorted.

There are so many positives and I am really excited about it. But that is all for today! Until next time.



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