9 aims for October

Hello! I am not one usually to write monthly goals, but I feel like putting a little pressure on myself every so often on some things is a good thing. For me it means I will get it done! Maybe last minute, but I will do it! So here are 9 things I aim to do this month. Go big or go home right?

Run 150 miles

This is mostly so I can be ready for the Dublin Marathon on the 27th (or 28th) so taking away that 26.2 it really means I have to run 123.8 miles throughout the month in training for it. Should be grand I think. I am going to try and aim to increase my running more as the race approaches and will not taper off as I actually don’t believe tapering works for me. I am used to running long and letting my brain and body know I can do it so although I will not run crazy long each time. I do hope to get around 20 miles in one run before the race though, which really knocks down that total. See easy! Yeah…..

Finish my bloody living room

Well technically finish it at least I am going to order the sofa and snuggle chair this week and then by the time they come (maybe 10 weeks) it should all be ready! I hope to have everything else finished though! I hope so, no it needs to. The painting will be finished this week and that just means we need to get the right furniture in and curtains etc, just lots of little things, but if we give ourselves a target then it will happen! I do have to say, I love the grey in the room, it really makes the place seem like a home now. It is weird to describe, before it looked just plain and student almost. Now it looks grown up. I like it, so time to finish it!

Lose 1 stone (14 lbs)

I know it is a bit drastic and the healthiest way to lose weight is at most 2lbs per week, but I will be exercising a lot harder and now my diet is sorted I can feel that the weight will slowly come off a bit steadier. So if I get close to this target I will be pleased. Minimum for me is double figures. So lets see how it goes!

Use my beard wash every day

This one is purely for me and Victoria. She bought me this wash crème putty substance a while ago, in fact she bought me two and I just keep forgetting to use it. It has gotten to the point where she now doesn’t believe that I am forgetting and has given up on me on it. So from tonight I will be on it and she can be the proof as I will take a pic for her on the ole Snapchat to proof it. Go Scott?

Go to the gym 20 times

Exercising by running sometimes just doesn’t cut it for me and I like to mix it up. It makes me stronger in with my whole body and you can’t really neglect that otherwise the strength etc goes away. So to the gym 20 times at least this month to get my fitness back to where I left it well over a year ago!

Budget better

There will be a blog post on this later, but I currently have three things to save for currently. I am wanting to actually budget myself a bit better and I feel that from November I will be in a good place to do so, so why not try and get on the right foot now? I would very much like to withdraw £200 and try and use that as my spending money for as much if not all of the month. I think this is doable for me until I have to go to Dublin, as well things are a bit more expensive. I think it will stop me wanting to pop into the supermarkets to buy extra food etc as I know I am probably wasting a bit. It just always annoys me how expensive fruit and veg is compared to junk food, but that is the world we live in and I will have to deal with it. If anyone has any ideas on how to budget well let me know, throw me a link etc!

Save £300 this month

As said I have money in my main savings account but I want to touch that as little as possible if I can, so I want to be a saving fiend and I know people aren’t in the lucky position I am in which I can save and save that much, but there isn’t much I can do about that yet.

I am currently saving money for a few different things this year so I think this target is okay. They are for the March holiday and for all the Christmas presents! With the March holiday I am going to put £50 a week away so I have at least a good base of spending money for the trip. The closer I get I will try save more, but for October £200 in the savings account will be a good start I think! Regarding Christmas I have been saving money via my coins for a month or so and so far have come up with £60 so I informed Victoria that any money I raise in that little fund will be her presents. This should mean I will not overspend like I get accused of doing. I am also putting £10 a week away for family and friends and then come the week before Christmas Spending time!

40 Sit ups, push ups and air squats a day

I want to see how this goes for a bit of fun, so for a bare minimum each morning or evening I have to complete 40 of those three work outs. The only day I see this being a real struggle is the marathon day as if I do it after the marathon I may fall into a pile of mush. Before could be a handy warm up…

Food prep for every week day

It is a simple thing, but if I am budgeting correctly then I should be able to do this quite easily and then I have some good food ready for me throughout the week days. I am only limiting this to work days as I am not sure what Victoria and I will get up to over the weekends and I know I am away to Dublin for the marathon so I won’t be taking the food prep with me as I want a nice big post marathon dinner! But yes being able to prep for 5 days for snacks, lunch and dinner shouldn’t be too hard to do right? I have some food in the house that I can immediately get started on that with so I hope it all goes to plan!

Well that is all for today and I hope you enjoyed finding out some of my aims for the month. It wasn’t too hard to think of these which can only be a good thing right? If it is already in my head then it means I already want to carry it out and I just need a nudge right? We will see next month how it all went. Until next time.

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