Walking challenge part 4: the end

This week is the last week of the walking challenge and the results! Check out the part 1, part 2 and part 3 here.

80,000 steps, that is how many I was short of first place when I logged in to see the updates. I was devastated, I had put in a mammoth amount of steps in and yet I came a distant 3rd and I tried to figure out how on Earth someone got so far in front of me. I tried to work out what the difference was for the overall lead, I am short by 40,000 steps. Deflation hits me as I figure out that it is unlikely that I will win the challenge as I have no idea how I will get to overcome that deficit. It is simply, too great for me to beat.


A walk down to Titanic


But I have enjoyed the challenge and decide that I will at least stay into the top 3 and hopefully make it into the top 2. Again it made me think about how others were completing their steps. Were they walking over 250,000 steps in a week? Or were they cycling. Either way, I had accepted that this was the way people were participating.

The days go past and I keep making sure that I was hitting my targets, well above in fact. My head is filled with the deficit, trying to figure out how to get another 7000 steps per day just to hope that the top person doesn’t do the same amount as they did again.

It comes to the last three days of the challenge and I decide that I have to go big. I put on my running shoes and decide that I will be running two 15 milers as well as walk lots and do my general duties. I have to try right? I have to make a good go of it. Otherwise, why try.

Each day I rack up 40,000 steps and I feel great, I forget that I am competing in the challenge and think about just how great it is that I am being active. Which is very redeeming as that was the aim of this. I wanted to be more active and felt that this would be the best way for me to kick-start that. In retrospect now I wish I had kept the walking challenge going in my head and that I had not thought of excuses to keep me from being as I was during this.


Getting my walk on


The last day hits and I enter my final number. I am happy, it is far more than the first week and in actual fact higher than any of the other weeks that I had gone through the challenge.

The scores come in and I find out I finished… 3rd. I got into the top three and that was alright. I was able to cut into that deficit, but it wasn’t enough. I was beaten by around 30,000 steps overall and I was okay about it. I had done it all by foot. If I had thought about adding my cycling to the total I probably would have won, but as stated all the way back in week 1. I wanted to do this by foot on the road or path or trail. Maybe next year I won’t, maybe I will add my cycling into the mix and see how it goes. It would be interesting to see what the difference is now that I have a ‘banker’.

I feel as if I accomplished something with the challenge and as mentioned, I am a little disappointed that I haven’t taken advantage if that. But since writing about it I do have that itch to focus on my walking and take more interest in walking into work and home. It is the summer months after all. If there was ever a chance to walk home and enjoy the evening… The next few months are bound to be it!

I think that is what I will take from this, that I can do an incredible amount of steps and not have it take a lot out of my day or week. Yes, my feet were sore but I felt like I had earned that sit-down, that little bit of rest. Walking is great and I can’t wait to try and organise my own little challenges to keep this going. I have my phone set to 2 hours of recording activity and to complete the 20,000. I can do this!


Back to walking to the gym!


I hope you have found this little series interesting. It has been interesting going back and thinking about it all. I hope after you read this, that it makes you want to go for a little walk somewhere… Unless it is 3am… Then wait until the morning!

My next series will be fitness and design related, which is a bit exciting for the graphic designer in me… So until then!


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