Walking challenge 2018

If you remember from last year, I participated in a walking challenge in work (a lot of people work there) and came a respectable third and actually got a voucher for best improvement, because I went all out for it in the final week. Well, the time has come around again and I have set off to beat that third place and claim first! Shall we?

The Plan

So luckily for me, this year’s challenge is during my Belfast marathon training and training for the Belfast 24 hour race, so I need to put a lot of steps on the road! So the first week I want to get to around 100k steps and then ramp it up from there, maybe an extra 50k per week. High targets I know, but I have to remember that the rules of the challenge allow for people who cycle, as it is about getting moving. So I have to try and counter that by walking and running as much as I can. Unless it is raining, I will be walking into and from work every day!

Moving to a 9-5 job will help with this a lot as I won’t feel drained and just get a taxi home. I can walk home and still be home a little after 6pm. That isn’t too bad! As before, it is around 7500 steps in and out. I will try and leave a little earlier and if the weather is kind, go along the Ormeau embankment as it is a little bit longer! Adding more steps and getting better views than of just the city. Can’t beat it… Hopefully.

I aim to run a lot on the weekends with one 15+ mile run the first two weeks. That should add around 30k. I also need to make sure that I run in the evenings at least 2 times a week. I have started to get my hill training in so aiming for around 4 or so miles gets it up to 9k stepwise.

So from the second week, I want a weekday breakdown as so:

Walk to work – 7,000, Walk around at lunch – 2,000, Walking around in work – 3,000, Walking home – 7,000 and an evening run 8,000 – 27,000 steps. If that doesn’t get me close then I don’t know what else I can do!

The first week has just been and gone as I was still getting used to my new job to write a post (sorry). I am currently second and around 35,000 steps off first. Good start, but some work to do obviously!

I had a few positive comments about the 100k mark, but I had hoped that it was enough to get the first spot. Sadly not, but that just means I have to work that little bit harder to get there! Instead of using the pedometer given from work (it tends to break a little) I am using my phone as it is the best/most accurate method of calculating my steps at this point.

I hope to let you know how the second week goes next Wednesday! If you are interested in reading about last years challenge, have a read!

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Walking challenge part 4: the end

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  1. I can’t take walking as a challenge because it is one of my therapies when I’m stressed. I have to walk even without thinking about it my body asks for it. I love walking it’s the best. You are doing a good thing to challenge yourself. http://www.thecozyme.com.


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