Saying Goodbye to the larger clothes sizes

Welcome back to another chapter of Scott nattering on about weight loss! This time I wanted to post about saying goodbye to clothes that no longer fit you and unlike my last post about clothing  this is saying goodbye for positive reasons i.e. losing weight!

I will openingly admit that when I made my post last month about being more focused on losing weight that I was a little skeptical of myself on whether I would lose weight or just maintain. I am happy to report that I have been losing weight and although I am starting to feel clothing become a tad looser, I am not at de-sizing (Is that the word? Ah well.) Stage yet, but I know it is coming, so I thought I would chat a little more about that feeling of fitting into the size below you.

When I got my head straight and I started to lose weight I would pop into clothing stores and try on the size below my current one, just to see how it looked, I would bring in the slim fit and regular fits in and just try them on. I would remember where I was the last time I tried on that size and hope that there was improvement.

Here I was getting crazy excited for almost fitting into medium regular fits. They were just a little too tight to be comfortable.

One leg in the chinos and the other, with the slow pull up and I would notice it wasn’t as tight this time, I would get it all the way up (BTW with trousers/chinos/jeans I am the overweight person who pulled those bad boys up over the gut, as it just didn’t help my psyche to see my stomach swaying about) I would get to the buttoning, also known as the most stressful moment when trying on clothes. Will the bloody thing close and if so, do I have to breathe in for the rest of my life to make sure it doesn’t pop open?

If it did buttoned I would get the biggest buzz, nothing would be able to ruin my day as it was my only way of seeing progress. You can bet your ass that I would be taking pictures and patting myself on the back on social media for losing the weight. If it was just a little too tight I was still happy as I knew I was getting there and would tell myself, just one more inch to go and it will fit nicely. Same with shirts and waistcoats. If that last button closed and it didn’t look like it was ready to pop and blind someone then it was a great day for me.

Here I am being all excited for fitting into mediums, even had to do a little pose.

I did go a bit over the top with these days at the changing room as I took those times to properly look at myself. I had a full length mirror at home, but under that changing room lighting (you know the lighting I mean) I felt I could scrutinise myself a bit more and see where I was at body shape wise.

Either I would be really pleased with how I looked and I could see the changes in myself and I would do the usual posing and for me because of all the exercise I was doing to lose weight, I would see how my legs were doing. The running had a major impact on how my legs looked as I could see the fat falling off them. I would be far more toned and there would be crazy definition. I loved seeing that progress and again, the lighting in those rooms added this. I showed Victoria a picture of how my legs used to look when I lost the weight the first time and funnily she wasn’t that big a fan of them! I was surprised as I loved how they looked, but then not everyone thinks certain things look good.  I was in a great mood even a good few days after the picture and I got lots of comments from friends who didn’t believe it was my leg! #confidence boost.

The leg picture that Victoria dislikes… I still love it for the visible progress I had made. Also me with a terrible phone case.

But if I had a bad changing room visit I would notice that I was getting sweaty from the nerves and I would be shaking a little from that nervousness. I would curse how I looked and tried to leave as fast as possible. But that is always a difficult thing to do when you were trying on trousers and shirts as you then have to make sure that the clothing is going back on the hangers in a respectable fashion. So an angry and slightly sad you is hurriedly trying to button a shirt back up and fold the trousers back into the way they were when you found them, as you have a good sense of respect and politeness for the employees so they don’t have to do it again, even though they probably will as I most likely folded the trousers poorly!

I do have the rather lucky predicament that this time with my weight loss that I do not need to go out and buy a tonne of new clothes and then ditch those bigger clothes again. I already have the Larges and 38 inch waist chinos in vacuum sealed bags. So my visits to the stores will merely be to try the sizes on to see my progress. When I reach the target the clothes will be out and back on the hangers for wearing!

I am happy to start getting the little bursts of joy and little buzzes again and I hope that it continues as I make my way back to mediums and the 34’s. Mainly, I am excited to start wearing my waistcoats again, I do love my waistcoats…


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  1. This post made me smile. Congratulating you for the job well done, keep it up and enjoy the waistline .. and waistcoats 🙂


  2. Congrats and keep up the positive disposition. My husband has the same conviction to lose weight and luckily we have a work out room at home.


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